Rental Rates


Event Details Price Down payment due at contract signing Max Refundable 
Monday through Thursday Match Maker Center building $800.00 $500.00 $150.00
Friday, Saturday or Sunday Match Maker Center building $1,000.00 $500.00 $150.00
Side Yard Lawn & Garden with Small Gazebo Rented separately, no access to Match Maker Center building $450.00 $300.00 $150.00
Island with Large Gazebo and Pavilion  Rented separately, no access to Match Maker Center building $800.00 $400.00 $150.00

Match Maker Center rental include access to:

  • Main Building
  • Garden Patio
  • Tiki Bar
  • Mural Courtyard
  • Many ammenities, click link below for more details.

Check out what's included in your rental.

* - Notes

The Match Maker Center can accommodate 200 people standing and 150 seated. Pricing is based on 150 or less attendees. We strongly suggest renting the Side Yard (Grass Courtyard) or Island with Large Gazebo (Island and Pavilion) areas if you will have more than 150 attendees.

When deciding to rent outside spaces only, please consider that the kitchen, restrooms, tables and chairs included inside the banquet hall are not available. Accommodations will be provided by event host at event host's expense.

Event Add-Ons

Add-On Description Price 
Island and Large Gazebo (Back) Large Gazebo, Island Green, and Patio with Stone Wall. $600.00
Small Gazebo Lawn and Garden (Side) Open Grass Courtyard and Courtyard Gazebo. $250.00
Additional Day for event Space(s) rented per contract extended for one day ^ $300.00
^ - Additional day will always be the least expensive day. Example, renting Sunday, but want to wait until Monday to return and clean up - The contract will be billed at the Sunday rate with Monday as the $300.00 additional day. Renting Thursday and extending to Friday - Thursday is the 'additional' day at  $300.00.

Payment Policy

The Match Maker Center (MMC) requires a signed contract and down payment to secure the renter's date. The rental contract must also be signed by the person being held responsible (Event Host) for payment and condition of the property after rental. A portion of the down payment, no more than $150.00, may be refunded after each event, by company check, based on the condition of the property after the event. The remaining balance must be paid in full at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. Failure to pay balance due may result in date being released and the full deposit being forfeited. 

The Event Host is fully responsible for the overall condition, especially any damage done to the facility, while it is under rental. MMC provides only the venue, tables and chairs (for indoor use only). Event Hosts will provide catering, DJ, decorations and any desired outside supplies, at Event Host expense. 

Match Maker Center strongly encourages all Event Hosts to contract with an insurance provider for Event Insurance.  Refunds are not provided for events which, through no fault of Match Maker Center or Event Host, must be cancelled or modified. Failure to secure an Event Insurance policy is not sufficient reason to request refunds from Match Maker Center. 

 The maximum refund available to all Event Hosts is $150.00. To be eligible for that refund, the property must be emptied of all trash (into dumpster provided), including outside decorations, cigarette butts not placed in provided smoker stations, cups, napkins or other debris, inside decorations, food waste. In addition, Event Host is responsible to ensure the following is complete before leaving: Sweeping inside, cleaning spills, ensuring nothing left in sinks, all provided trash cans emptied, bags deposited into provided dumpster, refrigerator, cooler, oven and microwave wiped and empty, ice scoop(s) in proper location, decorations removed, scuffs on walls wiped, remote controls in proper location, doors locked upon exit and key returned to the mounted box identified for that purpose. 


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